Social start-ups use the power of a social networking to engage and connect the community with an environmental issue.

Squawk Squad is a great example. New Zealand used to be a land ruled by birds, but then humans arrived and our native bird numbers plummeted through hunting or introduced pests.

Squawk Squad has taken up the challenge of turning this around through innovative, socially-connected tech.


Currently, 25 million native birds are killed every year by pests and many species face extinction.

Recognising there was a need to do more to protect the birds, the founders of Squawk Squad connect people via a web-app which allows them to fund high-tech sensor connected pest traps. 

Taking this social engagement model a step further, Squawk Squad funders get real-time updates, from the traps they help fund, every time a pest is trapped. It's a fantastic way to ensure ongoing funding and continued engagement. 

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