Tech Start-ups with an environmental focus use tech innovation to transform the way we engage on crucial ecological issues.

Take carbon offsetting - a great and effective concept that allows businesses and consumers to fund carbon reduction initiatives during every transaction. CarbonClick has run with this idea, transforming
it from a complex and expensive programme to implement, into a cost-effective and simple one
for everyone. 


Caring about climate change, Jan Czaplicki found trying to reduce his environmental impact was overwhelming. Plus, there was no way to audit the claims made by carbon brokers.

When working on the Carbon Offsetting module at Air New Zealand, he questioned why it wasn't simpler for businesses to offer carbon offsets to their consumers.

CarbonClick was born to make adding such features simple, and for the consumers, trustworthy, allowing everybody to offset their carbon and track it down to the very tree planted. With a simple click of the green button, your purchase regenerates the environment.    

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