stop searching for help.
9Wire lets help find you.

9Wire flips the script on traditional programmes as it directs support towards the environmental innovations which show the greatest potential.

9Wire can provide whatever kind, or level of support, for your innovation to progress. From funding, research assistance, facilitating connections, marketing expertise, or introductions to angel investors: 9Wire puts great innovations in front of the people and organisations who can help.


WWF-New Zealand and their foundation partners, Ākina, Auckland Council, Callaghan Innovation, Department of Conservation, Ministry for the Environment, and Ministry for Primary Industries are able to leverage their collective powers to be the bridge over the obstacles in your path.

Bring your ideas to the table

Every innovation is unique, so no two journeys will look the same. Innovations which show the greatest promise for our environment will receive full wrap-around bespoke support, funding, one-on-one mentoring, training, and access to our exclusive network.

The best of the rest will also receive support from the participating partners to help bridge the gaps in their journey. 9Wire is the antithesis of the all-or-nothing approach. 9Wire is the all and something approach.

Key dates

Applications opened May 26th, 2019 and closed Monday, 8th of July 2019.

Applicants will hear from the 9Wire team by 30 August 2019.

Programme begins 31 August, 2019, and ends 29 February, 2020.

9Wire innovators will have access to a network with:

  • More than a billion dollars in funding

  • More than 300 PhDs and other experts to offer technical support

  • Research, intellectual property, and data

  • Expert advice and mentoring

  • Business building and start-up support

  • Unparalleled networks into government, business and the International community

  • Research equipment, laboratories, land, facilities, equipment & machinery

  • Access to markets and customers/consumers

Assessment process

For more information about how our assessment process works, please see this document.

“9Wire support is as unique as the innovation. Some journeys will only need a compass setting, some will only need a map, while some journeys will need a guide.”
— Brian Bell, 9Wire Program Manager

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